Sunday School Classes

Nursery (Birth to 2 Years):

Director: Natalie Kimbrough
Bed Babies: Terie Dismukes
Toddlers: Jimmy and Sandra Davis
2 Year Olds: Betty Cummings

Preschool 3 and 4:

Director: Karen Connerly
Teachers: Karen LaFontaine and Rhonda Smart

Preschool 5:

Director: Laura Davis
Teachers: Laura Davis and Danielle Long

Special Needs Children:

Teachers: Jeanne Todd and Keely VanNamen
       Sub: Beverly VanNamen

Children (Grades 1st to 6th):

1st and 2nd: Mark Davis and Brittany Smith
3rd and 4th: Taylor and Fair Jones
5th and 6th Boys: James Saxon
5th and 6th Girls: Lynn Lane

Youth (Grades 7 to 12):

Director: Eli Hiser
7th - 12th Boys: Chuck Rose
7th - 12th Girls: Mindy Beckham


College and Career: Phill and Tasha Brown

Young Adults (20's): Andy Cummings

Young Adults (30's): Greg and Aleesha McDonald

Young Adult Co-Ed: Coley Bailey and Chris Hathcock

Median Adult Co-Ed: Rodney and Patti Harrell
Sub: Joey Bennett and Ted Hill

Adult Men: Andy Hollingsworth

Median Adult Men: Wayne Smith
Outreach: Bill Daly

Median Adult Ladies: Sharon Daly
Outreach: Teresa Carson

Median Adult Ladies: Terry Jones
Assistant Teacher: Genie Kay Rose

Median Adult Co-Ed: Edith Nunnelee
Sub: Judy carroll
Outreach: Sali Jackson and Patricia Sanford

Median Adult Co-Ed: Jim Nunnelee
Sub: Bill Daly
Outreach: Linda Able

Median Adult Co-Ed: Ben Naron
Outreach: Carolyn Mayhan